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Turn your Discord Server into a Poker Club!

Manage members' play chip wallets and use them integrated with Poker Now.

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I just want to play a quick private poker with friends.

I didn't understand how it works.

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Manage Member Wallets

Each member of your Discord will have a wallet that the owner can add or remove chips to that can be used on special integrated games with Poker Now. Members can also transfer chips between themselves. The owner can add an unlimited quantity of play chips.

Chips History Control

You will be able to check a member’s chip balance and the chips movement history anytime you want. You will also have the ability to define one of your channels as a chips movements log channel.

Fully Integrated with Poker Now

You will be able to create new tables any time you want. These tables will be completely integrated with Poker Now and your Discord Server Wallets. There’s no limitation on the number of tables.

Bot's Commands Reference
Command Description
/new-game (small blind) (big blind) Create a game integrated with this Discord server's wallets. The bot will reply with a link to the room.
/chips check (member) [all-movements] Displays a player's wallet and last 5 chip movements. Specify "all" to download all chip movements.
/chips beg Beg for chips from the Poker Now Discord Bot, if it is allowed.
/chips transfer (receiver) (quantity) Transfer chips to another member.
/chips confirm-transfer (receiver) Confirm a chips Transfer if it's enabled.
/chips cancel-transfer (sender) (receiver) Cancel a chips Transfer if it's enabled.
/chips rank [all-members] The top 10 chips leaderboard. Specify "all-members" to download the ranking for all players.
/club-infos [show-all-games] General information about this poker club. Specify "games" to list the club's games and their chip counts.
/check-username (member) Syncs your Discord username with Poker Now.
/admin-chips add (member) (quantity) Only admins. Add chips to a member's wallet.
/admin-chips remove (member) (quantity) Only admins. Remove chips from a member's wallet.
/admin-staff promote-admin (member) Only owner. Promote a member to club admin (they will be able to edit anyone's wallet).
/admin-staff revoke-admin (member) Only owner. Demote a member from club admin.
/admin-configs using-cents (definition) Only owner. To define if the club should denominate all chips with two decimal places.
/admin-configs beg-amount (definition) Only owner. To define the daily chips beg amount.
/admin-configs allow-no-zeroed-beg (definition) Only owner. To define if players with a non-zero amount of chips can beg.
/admin-configs log-channel (definition) Only owner. To log wallet movements to a channel. Leave blank to disable.
/admin-configs chips-transfers-confirmation (definition) Only owner. To define if /chips transfer, requires confirmation.
/admin-configs transfer-club-ownership (member) Only owner. Transfer club ownership to another Server's member.

Arguments between ( ) are required, arguments between [ ] are optional