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Poker Now


About Poker Now

Hi, I am Samuel Simões, the Poker Now sole developer.

Poker Now is an indie poker app that I designed and developed (always with the valuable feedback and help of the community). If you want to read the full story behind Poker Now creation, you can check it here.

My mission with Poker Now is to offer a way to play poker with the lowest barriers possible, in a fair and flexible environment, and in a clean and easy to use interface since the majority of the other poker apps choose the path of cluttered interfaces.

I strive to keep Poker Now's development to be close to the community hearing your feedback to always try to deliver the best possible experience. I truly believe that a good product is created close to your customers.

Right now most of the costs involved in Poker Now are being paid with the valuable monetary donations that people do through Patreon and Buy me a Coffee, without this would be impossible to keep Poker Now in the unobtrusive way that it is today. If you can, consider being a donator to help me keep Poker Now as an independent poker platform.

Besides the donations, you can help Poker Now through:

  • Follow Poker Now on Twitter.
  • Share Poker Now on your social networks to help Poker Now receive more and more players.
  • Send your feedback and/or bug reports to help improve the app.

I have a lot of plans to improve Poker Now with exciting new features and content, so stay tuned!