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What is the "rabbit hunting" feature?

Poker Now allows players to view the undealt streets (flop, turn, river) when the hand ends before the river by activating the “Rabbit Hunting” feature in your game. This does not have a direct impact on the hand’s winners, but it does allow players to see they have made the right decision when they fold before the river seeing what would be their hand rank (straight, flush, pair, etc).

When this feature is activated, all seated players at the table will be able to see the undealt streets, but only those who press “Reveal” will be able to see it.

rabbit hunting on the table on Poker Now

seeing undealt cards because rabbit hunting on Poker Now

If you still don’t know how to create a table, click here.

To enable Rabbit Hunting on your game, go to “Options” > “Game”, and click in “Yes” for “Allow players to see the undealt cards? (Rabbit Hunting)”. Don’t forget to click “Update” (bottom left corner of the screen) to save configurations. On the next hand, the option to see the undealt cards will be presented.

enabling rabbit hunting on Poker Now