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How to use Poker Now spectator mode

The Poker Now spectator mode allows the unseated players to see the cards of all seated players, keeping the unseated players engaged with your game as they were watching a poker show on TV. Below you will find how to enable and use the spectator mode, and don’t worry, this is a feature that requires all players permission, so you will never be cheated using the spectator mode, if it is enabled, you will know for sure.

Poker now table with spectator mode enabled

If you still don’t know how to create a game on Poker Now, click here for learn more.

To enable spectator mode, your game should have no seated player, then click on “options” in the upper left corner to access the options page, in the “game” tab you will find the option “Spectator Mode”, change this option to “yes”, Poker Now will give you an warning telling you will need to grant the spectator mode individually, click on “Ok”, and then click in “Update” to save the settings.

Poker now table with a highlight on the Options field

Poker Now settings screen, indicating where to activate spectator mode

Note that when you return to the table, the felt will be in the red color, indicating that spectator mode is now activated.

Poker now table with spectator mode activated and table red

Send the room link to your friends and each friend who wants to take a seat will need to agree with the spectator mode in order to take a seat.

Warning to the player that spectator mode is activated

If someone accesses your game and don’t request a seat, or someone lost their seat because they leave the game due to lost all chips or just because they choose to leave the game, the owner will have the possibility to allow these unseated players to become a “spectator”, a person that can see the players cards. To do so the owner will need to access the players on the game’s player list and click on “Allow Spectator Mode”.

Players and guests editing screen

Allowing the guest to become a spectator

When you allow a player to be a spectator, all seated players will receive a warning telling them that a new player was allowed to be a spectator and now they can see the seated players cards, also there’s a counter in the bottom left corner showing the quantity of people seeing the seated players cards, clicking on this counter, the players will be able to see a list of players that are in the spectator mode.

Poker now table with spectator mode activated and with highlight on the field that informs how many guests are seeing all the cards

As soon a player that was just watching the game in the spectator mode takes a seat, this player lost their ability to see the other player’s cards for obvious reasons.