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Update January 11th, 2021

I just deployed some minor adjustments of some long-time requested adjustments.

Stop game in the next Hand

Now you will be able to stop the game in the next hand (close to the pause button), also, after a game stoppage, you will be able to finally reshuffle the seats.

Important: this stoppage is a “hard stop” where the dealer will be randomly assigned, and the missed blinds will be forgiven after you restart the game.

Anyone can see the game configurations

Now any connected players in a room will be able to see the game configurations by clicking on “Options > Game”. Of course, only the owner will be able to change the configurations.

Owner rejecting seat request

Now the room owner can reject request ingresses.

Off-line away players using the deal hands configuration

Before this adjustment, after some minutes off-line, a seated player would enter in an “away mode receiving cards” even with the game option “Deal hands to away players?” marked as “No”, this decision was because Poker Now was just cutting the player decision to not slowdown the game, but letting the “final decision” to the room owner like remove the off-line player. Now, Poker Now will respect the game option “Deal hands to away players?” when dealing with off-line players, since this was causing confusion between some players thinking the option would be respected in this situation.