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Update February 3rd, 2021

I just deployed some minor adjustments of some long-time requested adjustments.

Download Ledger: now you will be able to download the leader in the CSV format to keep a record of your games. To download you will need to access the ledger and click on the bottom right corner button “Download Ledger”.

Ledger Ordering: now you will be able to order the ledger by the columns. Just click on the column name to select the ordering.

Better buttons color contrast: the buttons now have new colors and bold text to improve the contrast to help people with visual disabilities, although I know that it still has some flaws that I plan to attack in the future.

3 volume levels: now you will have low (15%) / med (45%) / high (100%)

And yes, I am still working on the multi-table tournament, hahaha, don’t worry.