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Private Poker Multi-Table Tournament

In this tutorial, we will show you how to play a free private online poker multi-table tournament with friends on Poker Now.

First, you will need to access the multi-table tournament page, in this step, you will need to log in and define your Poker Now username.

Poker Now multi-table tournament landing page

After the login, you will be prompted with your tournament’s name.

New private Poker Now multi-table tournament form

After defining the tournament’s name you will be redirected to the tournament dashboard, on this moment, your tournament is in the “registering” situation, you will see some warnings, one of them telling you that you need to finish the tournament structure, so click on the “Click here to finish the configuration”, and you will be redirected to the tournament structure page.

Waiting to define the Poker Now multi-table structure

On the tournament structure page, you will see all the possible options for your tournament with some default values with the exception of the blinds schedule, so you will need to define the blind structure for your tournament. Feel free to change the other settings your need to.

Poker Now multi-table tournament structure page

After defining your tournament structure, you will need to save it by clicking on the “Update Tournament”.

Now that your tournament structure is defined, you will need to invite your friends to register for your tournament, to do this, you will need to copy the tournament link by clicking on “Click here to copy the link to invite the participants” and send it to your friends.

Poker Now multi-table tournament warning to invite friends

On their screen they will have the “Request Participation” button, they will need to click on this button and finish their participation request.

Poker Now multi-table tournament to request tournament participation

After your friends request participation, a red badge will appear on your dashboard indicating the number of players waiting for your approval.

Poker Now multi-table tournament showing the red badge of players waiting approval

Click on the link where the red badge is and you will see the players list with the players waiting for participation.

Poker Now multi-table tournament players list

On this list, you will have the possibility to quickly approve the players by clicking on the “Quick Accept” button, where they will be approved to play with the “Default Stack” value defined on the tournament structure, you also can click on the “Manage” button and approve the players with a different stack value.

After approving at least two players, you will be able to create the tables for your tournament, the players will be able to go to their playing room by clicking on “Go to My Current Table” on their tournament dashboard. On this step, your tournament is not started yet.

Poker Now multi-table tournament pre starting the tournament

To start your tournament, you will need to click on the “Start the Tournament” button on your dashboard, after a click on it, your tournament will be running until one player left.

Poker Now multi-table tournament starting the tournament

After your tournament starts, you as a host will be able to approve new players (late registration), approve re-entries (players who lost their seat and want to play again in the same tournament), remove players, and pause the tournament. As the players are losing all their chips, Poker Now will automatically balance the tables moving players between the tables.

We hope you understood how to use the multi-table tournament, and now we recommend you to read the Multi-Table Tournament FAQ. If you still have any questions, please join our Discord or send your question to our Twitter profile, and we will gladly try to help you.