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Participating in a Multi-Table Tournament with Check-In Enabled

Poker Now offers Multi-Table Tournament hosts the option to require check-in from participants to ensure their availability when the tournament starts.

In a tournament like this, you request participation just as you would for any other Multi-Table Tournament on Poker Now. The tournament host may choose to auto-approve everyone onto the check-in list (players who are allowed to check-in and secure a seat) or may opt for manually approving each participation request. If you see your status as “On the Check-In List,” this means you are eligible to check in at the designated time.

Poker Now multi-table tournament requesting participation

On the tournament dashboard, you will find the check-in schedule, indicating when you can check in and secure your tournament seat.

Poker Now multi-table tournament check-in schedule table

Important: A tournament seat is not guaranteed for everyone on the check-in list. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the respective check-in groups defined by the tournament host.

After completing your check-in, your status will change to “Registered,” indicating that your seat is guaranteed when the tournament starts.

Poker Now multi-table tournament performing the check-in