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Managing Participation Invites on Multi-Table Tournament

Sometimes you want to run a Multi-Table tournament on Poker Now but you don’t want to allow anyone to request participation otherwise it can become a mess with a lot of unwanted people requesting participation.

Thinking on this we developed the possibility to have invites on Multi-Table Tournaments, this way, only players with a generated invite code will be able to request participation, below we explain how to use it.

First, you will need to activate invites on your tournament by choosing “Yes” for the option “Participation only with Invitation Code?” on the tournament structure page, you may also choose if people with an invite code will be auto-approved by marking “Yes” on the option “Auto-approve Participations with Invitation Code?”, making the tournament host life a bit easy.

Poker Now Multi-Table Tournament Dashboard activating the invitation code

After updating your tournament you will see the “Invites” tab on the tournament control board.

On the invites screen, you will be able to see all your generated invites for your tournament, download the invite codes in a CSV or generate new invite codes.

Poker Now Multi-Table Tournament Dashboard Invites List

To generate invites you will need to click on “Generate Invites”, choose the invite quantity that you want to generate, and click on “Generate Invites”. After it, the form will update and you will see a button “Download Generated Invites (CSV)”, by clicking on this you will download the list with the freshly generated invite codes.

Poker Now Multi-Table Tournament Generating Invite Codes

On the invites screen list, you will be able to see all your generated invites and which player consumed each invite, you can also filter the list and cancel invites.

Poker Now Multi-Table Tournament Invites List

After generating the invite codes you will need to send the invite codes to the players, when a player requests participation in a tournament through the tournament dashboard, a prompt pop-up will be presented asking them what is their invite code.

Poker Now Multi-Table Tournament asking participation invite

The player must inform their code, and their participation request will proceed. If the tournament is configured to auto-approve players with an invite, this player will be auto-approved without the intervention of the tournament host.