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2020 Poker Now Recap

Hi, Samuel, Poker Now founder here,

2020, despite all the sad parts that we lived, was a turning point for Poker Now. It went from a side project to my main focus as a software engineer today, and it is doing pretty well, which keeps more and more motivated to keep it running for you. You can read the full story of the beginning of Poker Now by clicking here.

Doing a quick recap, we did a lot this year. Bellow, a list of notable released features this year:

  • Discord Bot for Poker Clubs
  • Full Session log Download
  • Session Ledger
  • Video/Voice Chat with Jitsi
  • Omaha Hi
  • Omaha Hi/Lo plo8
  • Spectator Mode
  • Pause Game
  • Disable Auto Deal
  • Cents (low stakes) mode
  • Login to play on multiple devices (and other future stuff)
  • Vertical Mobile Layout
  • Time Banks
  • Blind Schedules for Tournaments
  • Rabbit Hunting
  • Live Straddle
  • Run it Twice
  • Mood Emojis
  • Games Presets
  • And a lot of tweaks and bug fixes in many areas

All of this wouldn’t possible to be done just by myself, so I will take this opportunity to thanks everyone that helped Poker Now in some way this year.

First, thank you to all donators (Buy me a Coffee and Patreon), that even not receiving any perk for this, helped not only pay the infrastructure but also allowed me to go full focus on this project that I love to maintain. It certainly would be impossible to do Poker Now as it is today without your help.

Thank you to all people that gave some feedback or reported something, you helped to shape this great product that Poker Now is today, and I count on you to keep this workflow, I really believe that a great product is created pretty close to their costumers. Sadly with a product growing, it becomes a little hard to keep up with all the messages, but I do my best, and I am sorry if I missed your message.

Thank you to all people that recommended Poker Now to other people, you don’t know how much it helps this project! Since I don’t spend money on marketing, these recommendations are vital for this product growth.

Thank you the moderator “itspatrick” for your relentless battle against trolls on our Discord Server, and thank you my friends on Discord that helps me a lot to come with the best solutions for the whole poker community.

2020 was a great year for Poker Now, but I have the backlog for 2021 already packed to make it even better, so stay tuned on our social media channels (Twitter) or our Discord Server.

I wish you a hopefully better new year!